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*Longview Capital Partners Incorporated 
Property Acquisition - 13/Feb/2006 
Longview Investments Ltd. - Canada
SecurityIssued TotalDescriptionTerms & Conversion TermsF/T*
ShareLV8,000,000.00 @ $0.000 CDN  TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing a Share Purchase Agreement dated 19Oct05 between the Co. and Hein Poulus and Longview Investments Ltd. to acquire 450,000 common shares of Finavara Ltd. and 450,000 common shares of Finavara Renewables Ltd. payable through the issuance of 12,000,000 common shares of the Company at a deemed price of $0.15. The 12,000,000 consideration shares are subject to a Value Security Escrow Agreement that will be released over a three-year period.   

*F/T - Flow Through