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*Woulfe Mining Corp. 
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BULLETIN TYPE: Private Placement-Brokered
BULLETIN DATE: September 7, 2012
TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a Brokered Private Placement announced August 14, 2012:

Number of Shares: 26,150,000 shares (of which 5,000,000 are non-brokered)

Purchase Price: $0.20 per share

Warrants: 13,075,000 share purchase warrants to purchase 13,075,000 shares

Warrant Exercise Price: $0.30 for a two year period

Number of Placees: 11 placees

Insider / Pro Group Participation:
Insider=Y /
Name ProGroup=P / # of Shares
First State Investments UK - FSGR Fund Y 330,190
First State Investments UK - GLRS Fund Y 1,718,004
Colonial First State Asset Management (Australia) Ltd.
(Portfolio managed) Y 2,951,806
Dundee Corporation P 20,000,000
Jaguar Financial Corp. P 175,000
Bryan Paul P 35,000
Desjardin Securities Inc. P 250,000
Normand Ouellette P 125,000

Agent's Fee: Dundee Securities Ltd. will receive an Agent's fee of $211,500 and Agent's warrants to acquire 1,057,000 units at $0.20 per unit for a period of two years.

Pursuant to Corporate Finance Policy 4.1, Section 1.11(d), the Company must issue a news release announcing the closing of the private placement and setting out the expiry dates of the hold period(s). The Company must also issue a news release if the private placement does not close promptly.