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*Waratah Coal Inc. 
Listed Company 

BULLETIN TYPE: Delist-Offer to Purchase
BULLETIN DATE: April 3, 2009
TSX Venture Tier 1 Company

Effective at the close of business April 3, 2009, the common shares of Waratah Coal Inc. ('Waratah') will be delisted from TSX Venture Exchange. The delisting of the Company's shares results from Mineralogy Pty Ltd. ('Mineralogy') purchasing 100% of Waratah's shares pursuant to an Offer to Purchase dated October 3, 2008. Waratah shareholders will receive $1.41 for every Waratah share held. For further information please refer to the Offer and Circular dated October 3, 2008 and Waratah's news release dated March 31, 2009.