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Company Affiliations
Company NamePosition
3D Signatures Inc.President
3MV Energy Corp.President
3TL Technologies Corp.President
ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.Director of the Board
AcuityAds Holdings Inc.President
Added Capital Inc.President
Afri-Can Marine Minerals CorporationPresident
African Metals CorporationPresident
Aguila American Gold LimitedPresident
AlkaLi3 Resources Inc.President
Alliance Mining Corp.President
Alphamin Resources Corp.President
Anfield Resources Inc.President
Anglo-Canadian Gas Corp.President
Annidis CorporationPresident
Arcpacific Resources Corp.President
Arian Resources Corp.President
Ashanti Gold Corp.President
Ashburton Ventures Inc.President
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.President
Atlanta Gold Inc.President
Atom Energy Inc.President
Atoro Capital Corp.President
Aumento Capital V CorporationPresident
Aurora Cannabis Inc.President
Austral Gold LimitedPresident
Avanco Capital Corp.President
Avante Logixx Inc.President
Avivagen Inc.President
Axion Ventures Inc.President
Axis Auto Finance Inc.President
AXMIN Inc.President
Azincourt Uranium Inc.President
Belvedere Resources Ltd.President
Black Birch Capital Acquisition III Corp.President
Black Bull Resources Inc.President
Blackhawk Resource Corp.President
Boost Capital Corp.President
Border Petroleum LimitedPresident
Brand Marvel Worldwide Consumer Products CorporationPresident
Brassneck Capital Corp.President
Breaking Data Corp.President
Brixton Metals CorporationPresident
Buffalo Coal Corp.President
Bullman Minerals Inc.President
Camrova Resources Inc.President
Canada Coal Inc.President
Canadian Equipment Rentals Corp.President
CaNickel Mining LimitedPresident
Cardinal Capital Partners Inc.President
CardioComm Solutions, Inc.President
Carlaw Capital V Corp.President
Carrus Capital CorporationPresident
Caspian Energy Inc.President
Ceiba Energy Services Inc.President
Cellstop Systems Inc.President
Cerro Mining Corp.President
CGX Energy Inc.President
China Education Resources Inc.President
China Goldcorp Ltd.President
China Keli Electric Company Ltd.President
Circa Enterprises Inc.President
CKR Carbon CorporationPresident
Claren Energy Corp.President
Clarocity CorporationPresident
Clean Commodities Corp.President
Cliffside Capital Ltd.President
Cluny Capital CorpPresident
CohBar Inc.President
Colombia Crest Gold Corp.President
Convalo Health International, Corp.President
Cordy Oilfield Services Inc.President
Corporate Catalyst Acquisition Inc.President
Corsa Coal Corp.President
Cosigo Resources Ltd.President
Crystal Peak Minerals Inc.President
CTF Technologies Inc.President
Cub Energy Inc.President
CUP Capital Corp.President
Cyprium Mining CorporationPresident
Datum Ventures IncPresident
Decisive Dividend CorporationPresident
Deep-South Resources Inc.President
Delivra Corp.President
Deloro Resources Ltd.President
Delrand Resources LimitedPresident
Distinct Infrastructure Group Inc.President
Dunnedin Ventures Inc.President
East Asia Minerals CorporationPresident
Ecometals LimitedPresident
EEStor CorporationPresident
Eguana Technologies Inc.President
Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc.President
Engagement Labs Inc.President
Enssolutions Group Inc.President
Environmental Waste International Inc.President
Epicore BioNetworks Inc.President
European Commercial Real Estate LimitedPresident
Evermount Ventures Inc.President
Everton Resources Inc.President
EXO U Inc.President
Extenway Solutions Inc.President
Falcon Gold Corp.President
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.President
Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp.President
Feronia Inc.President
Findev Inc.President
Fireswirl Technologies Inc.President
Fitch Street Capital Corp.President
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.President
Focused Capital Corp.President
Focused Capital II Corp.President
Folkstone Capital Corp.President
Fountain Asset Corp.President
FP Newspapers Inc.President
Gainey Capital Corp.President
Galane Gold Ltd.President
GINSMS Inc.President
Giyani Gold Corp.President
Gold Horn International Enterprises Group LimitedPresident
GoviEx Uranium Inc.President
GreenSpace Brands Inc.President
Gulfstream Acquisition I Corp.President
Gungnir Resources Inc.President
HAW Capital Corp.President
Helio Resource Corp.President
Hemostemix Inc.President
HFX Holding Corp.President
Highvista Gold Inc.President
Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd.President
HIT Technologies Inc.President
HTC Purenergy Inc.President
Hunter Bay Minerals plcPresident
Icon Exploration Inc.President
ID Watchdog, Inc.President
IGC Resources Inc.President
iMetal Resources Inc.President
IMEX Systems Inc.President
Immunotec Inc.President
Infinito Gold Ltd.President
Inform Resources Corp.President
Inspira Financial Inc.President
Interconnect Ventures CorporationPresident
Intouch Insight Ltd.President
Intrinsic4D Inc.President
Inventus Mining Corp.President
Invictus MD Strategies CorpPresident
IOU Financial Inc.President
iSign Media Solutions Inc.President
J5 Acquisition Corp.President
Jiulian Resources Inc.President
Kanzen Capital Corp.President
Karoo Exploration Corp.President
Kermode Resources Ltd.President
Kesselrun Resources Ltd.President
Kure Technologies Inc.President
Lattice Biologics Ltd.President
LeoNovus Inc.President
Lion One Metals LimitedPresident
Lions Bay Capital Inc.President
Lite Access Technologies Inc.President
MacArthur Minerals LimitedPresident
Majescor Resources Inc.President
Mangazeya Mining Ltd.President
Maple Peak Investments Inc.President
Maplewood International REITPresident
Mariana Resources Ltd.President
Marksmen Energy Inc.President
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.President
Martina Minerals Corp.President
MCW Energy Group LimitedPresident
Med BioGene Inc.President
Medifocus Inc.President
Metallic Minerals Corp.President
Mindoro Resources Ltd.President
MK2 Ventures Ltd.President
Mongolia Growth Group Ltd.President
Montan Mining Corp.President
Montreux Capital Corp.President
Morgan Resources Corp.President
Mukuba Resources LimitedPresident
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.President
Neo Lithium Corp.President
Nesscap Energy Inc.President
New Global Acreage Resources Ltd.President
NewNorth Projects Ltd.President
Nextraction Energy Corp.President
Nortec Minerals Corp.President
Northern Graphite CorporationPresident
Notice to IssuersDirector of the Board
Novo Resources Corp.President
NOVX21 Inc.President
NuLegacy Gold CorporationPresident
Nurcapital Corporation Ltd.President
NYX Gaming Group Ltd.President
ONEnergy Inc.President
Oronova Energy Inc.President
Orsu Metals CorporationPresident
Osprey Gold Development Ltd.President
Oxford Resources Inc.President
Pacific Iron Ore CorporationPresident
Pacific Potash CorporationPresident
Pacific Topaz Resources Ltd.President
Panda Capital Inc.President
Peat Resources LimitedPresident
Peeks Social Ltd.President
Pennine Petroleum CorporationPresident
PetroMaroc Corporation plcPresident
Petro-Victory Energy Corp.President
Petro Vista Energy Corp.President
PetroWorth Resources Inc.President
Phoenix Canada Oil Company LimitedPresident
Planet Health Corp.President
Planet Mining Exploration Inc.President
Playfair Mining Ltd.President
PMI Resources Ltd.President
POET Technologies Inc.President
Pool Safe Inc.President
Portofino Resources Inc.President
Prime Meridian Resources Corp.President
Prodigy Ventures Inc.President
Profound Medical corp.President
Prospect Park Capital Corp.President
Pure Multi-Family REIT LPPresident
Q-Gold Resources Ltd.President
Quest PharmaTech Inc.President
QuikFlo Health Inc.President
Red Eagle Exploration LimitedPresident
RenoWorks Software Inc.President
Revelstoke Equity Inc.President
RockBridge Resources Inc.President
Rock Tech Lithium Inc.President
Roughrider Exploration LimitedPresident
Royal Lifescience Corp.President
Royal Sapphire Corp.President
Russell Breweries Inc.President
Samco Gold LimitedPresident
San Angelo Oil LimitedPresident
Sandspring Resources Ltd.President
Seair Inc.President
Serrano Resources Ltd.President
SG Spirit Gold Inc.President
Shelby Ventures Inc.President
Sierra Madre Developments Inc.President
Signature Resources Ltd.President
Silver Predator Corp.President
Sirona Biochem Corp.President
Siyata Mobile Inc.President
Snobro Enterprises Inc.President
Sokoman Iron Corp.President
Sonoro Energy Ltd.President
Spada Gold Ltd.President
Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd.President
Stem 7 Capital Inc.President
Sterling Resources Ltd.President
Sunora Foods Inc.President
Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions, Corp.President
Synodon Inc.President
Synstream Energy Corp.President
Tanager Energy Inc.President
Tanzania Minerals Corp.President
Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc.President
The Hydropothecary CorporationPresident
The Jenex CorporationPresident
Themac Resources Group LimitedPresident
Thor Explorations Ltd.President
Tornado Global Hydrovacs Ltd.President
Total Telcom Inc.President
Transatlantic Mining Corp.President
Transeastern Power TrustPresident
TransGlobe Internet and Telecom Co., Ltd.President
Trenchant Capital Corp.President
True North Gems Inc.President
Trusted Brand 2016 Inc.President
UC Resources Ltd.President
Uravan Minerals Inc.President
Urban Communications Inc.President
ValGold Resources Ltd.President
VANC Pharmaceuticals Inc.President
Velocity Minerals Ltd.President
Venerable Ventures Ltd.President
VersaPay CorporationPresident
Viridis Energy Inc.President
Vitalhub Corp.President
Vivione Biosciences Inc.President
Voice Mobility International, Inc.President
Wescan Goldfields Inc.President
WesternZagros Resources Ltd.President
World Organics Inc.President
Wow Unlimited Media Inc.President
Xander Resources Inc.President
Xemplar Energy Corp.President
Ximen Mining Corp.President
Xylitol Canada Inc.President
Yellowhead Mining Inc.President
Zidane Capital Corp.President
*Historical, *Company name as of transaction date